Podcast Industry

An electronic program.

The Content:

This program covers the basic, theoretical and practical concepts of the podcast industry, from the importance to the practical application of sound recording, recitation, and ending with publishing.

The Axes:

• The basics of preparing audio programs.

• Building a podcast template and how to write an episode.

• Building a voice identity.

•Establishing an audiovisual identity.

•Technical solutions for beginners.

• Publishing steps on all platforms.

•How to invest in podcasts.

• Practical exercises for application.


• An electronic program.

• An electronic certificate of attendance from Bayader Business Services Center.

• The target group: for men and women

• Program fee: 350 SAR

• The Trainer: Hessa Al-Ali - a podcast producer and podcast manager for The Independent Arabia Podcast and The Thaqaf Institute.

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Tourism Pioneers Camp

  • Electronic program on the Zoom platform  


A program to qualify the owners of creative ideas and tourism projects from young men and women who have ideas for creative projects that are applicable and are still in its first phase. The program seeks to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of implementing these projects and move them from the ideas stage to the implementation stage.


• Evaluating tourism ideas and projects in the first phase and supporting implementation.

• Creating new job opportunities for the sons and daughters of the homeland in the field of domestic tourism.

•Reviving the national economy by diversifying sources of income and in line with Vision 2030.

The Axes:

The first phase: Entrepreneurship - 7 training days (2/21/2021 - 3/3/2021)

• Entrepreneurial mentality and studying the local market

• Legal study

• Project financial management Feasibility study and business model (two days)

• Creative Marketing

• Creating a business identity.

The second phase: the tourism sector - 3 training days (2/3/2021 - 4/3/2021)

• Study successful global and Gulf models in the field of tourism (France / United Arab Emirates)

• Personal skills of a tour guide: (Information search, self-confidence, body language, skill of diction)

• List of violations of the tourist guiding activity

• the security of the tourist during the guidance process

• Requirements for obtaining a tourist guide license

• Sharing a success story of a tour guide or tour company


• Electronic program on the Zoom platform

• An electronic certificate of attendance from Bayader Business Services Center.

The Program fee: 1200 SAR


•Mrs. Hadeel Forsani - Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Consultant.

• Mr. Ahmed Aljoaid - Tourist guide and certified trainer in tourist guidance.

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